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Tuesday, 20 February 2018

How to get free domain | How to use/add/connect your own domain with Free

Are you searching for free domain?
You want a free domain? Read this step by step guide about how to get free domain and attach/setup with or

Check your desired domain name
Step 1   First got to free domain site

Step 2  Search your Domain Name which you want to get free in search bar 

Type your domain in search bar and click on check availability. when you click check availability you will see next page which is below.

in above images you can see some domains extension are free and some are paid so you can chose any one domain extension from free available domain names. 

when you chose your desired free domain name then click on get it now blue button showing in above image and after that click on checkout button.

Step 3    After click on check out you will go to next page which is mention below 

When you click on checkout button you will go to above page. By default 3 month duration will show but you can select 12 month duration by click on drop down manue.

Don't worry after 12 month your domain will not expire you can increase other next year with free package. so select 12 month and click on blue continue button.
After click on continue button you will go through this mention below page.

in above image you can see there are 2 options one is enter you email if you are new on this site so please enter your email and follow registration steps . 

If you already registered this website then just login to your account and complete the free domain name checkout procedure. follow the the image below 

In above images you can see the check box so you have to tick it and click on blue complete order button. after that you will see your order confirmation and also get an email.

How to attach/connect/setup your domain with 
Now you need a hosting where you can host your blog or website and launch your blog or website free without pay any penny.

Follow step by step Guide about How to attach/connect/setup your domain with which are totally free.

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Step 1    First go to Blogger/Blogspot  (you need a gmail account to login blogger if you have not a gmail account please make a free gmail account here ) .

Step 2    After login you need to click on setting button on the left side menu of blogger admin penal which you can see in below image.

Step 3     When you click on setting the next page will look like below page where written set up a third party url for your blog . as arrow showing in below image.

Step 4     When you click on setup a third party url for our blog you will see like below image and you need to enter your domain with www   like you can see in below image and then click on save button.

Step 5     when you click on save button in above image you will get an error in red line which is showing in below image. Actually that line mean you need to verify your domain ownership so you need to put information which is showing with 1, 2 , 3 ,4 numbers in your domain dns manage record and then press save button as mention in below image.

Now come back to your domain account and select the domain which you want to connect with blogger then click on manage domain button which is showing with arrow.

Now click on manage freenom dns as showing in below image.

when you follow above step you will see a new page look like below image where wee need to enter the information in step 5 image which are denoted by 1,2,3 and 4 numbers .

  In above image you can see 2 arrow which showing that you need to select type and you can add new record field as required. 

After enter this information as as showing in above image you need to enter 4 more new records for blogger server ip addresses for your help follow below image.

Blogger/google/blogspot servers ip addresses

when you add ip address you need to keep empty name fields on left hand and select a in type which is showing with arrow . 

When you save these all detail now you need to go to step 5 again and click on save button. when you click on save button then your domain ownership verification completed and your domain connected now with blogger hosting which is showing in below images.

In last step you must click on edit in above image showing in rectangle when you click on edit you will see a check box in which showing below image so tick in that check box .

Now you will open your custom domain which you get free and then add in blogger . So now you will open your custom domain.

You can watch this above step by step guide on youtube 

How to get free domain | How to use/add/connect your own domain with Free

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